A Great Mix Of This & That

Located along the busy Marine Drive corridor and anchored by the only Walmart on the North Shore, Capilano Mall is the preferred value and convenience mall serving both West and North Vancouver communities.  Catering to active, time-sensitive, value-driven customers who relish finding the deal, Capilano allows customers to get a little (or a lot) of this and that . . . at a price they can brag about.  Whether Kin’s Farm Market for spinach and strawberries, COBS Bread for delicious savouries, the BC Liquor Store for a refreshing rosé, or even Walmart for Brontosaurus-sized angus beef burgers . . . Capilano Mall serves it up on a (albeit, discounted) silver platter.

Interested in providing some of this and that to the Capilano customer?  Before we can chat, we need to know a little bit about you including:

  • Your company information  (company name, address, phone number, website)
  • Company ownership information  (name, address, phone number, email addresses of the owner or franchisee)
  • Your business plan including what it is that is unique about what you do
  • Pretty photos!  We want to see pics of your current location (if you have one) as well as, what you’re proposing in terms of store design for a Capilano location
  • More pretty photos!  Got any catalogues, lookbooks, line sheets, product photography we can look at?  Please include those too!
  • Expected sales per square foot
  • Your glimpse into the crystal ball!  What’s your sales prediction for year 1?  What are you thinking in terms of cash flow forecast for your first operating year?
  • Expected average GROC
  • Demographic profile of your customer  (who’s your target?)
  • Your financial plan i.e. your budget for construction, design, fixturing, marketing, rent, taxes, common area maintenance fees, etc.

Once you have all this organized as part of one pretty package, please send it to us as follows:

Karalee Stewart
Leasing Representative
QuadReal Property Group
Suite 800 – 666 Burrard St
Vancouver, BC V6C 2X8
[email protected]

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