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Capilano Mall has been a key staple of the North Vancouver neighbourhood for over 50 years.  Since opening its doors in March 1967, the shopping centre has become a central gathering place for North Vancouverites.

Well positioned along the Marine Drive corridor and anchored by the only Walmart on the North Shore, Capilano Mall delivers a vital blend of value and convenience that draws both the West and North Vancouver communities to call the mall their own.  Catering to busy, value-driven shoppers with a retail mix as lively as their lifestyle, Capilano Mall fulfills the family’s everyday needs — with ease.  Whether popping in to check off that to-do list, looking to find that great deal, loving the browse, or the satisfaction of just getting it done, the Capilano customer thrives on an offering of this and that and everything in between.  Capilano’s amenities complete the experience and help make their day, like this play area designed for kids and that private Mother’s Room and family recharge lounge.

Capilano Mall . . . delivering the everyday this and that . . . just like that!


Erected in 1986, the two carved totem poles located in Grand Court add a West Coast flavour to Capilano Mall as well as, offer the perfect way to pay homage to our rich native history.  Norman Tait — a Nisga’a First Nations sculptor and totem pole carver — and his family, gave the totems their names at the time of their installation.  In 2006, a rededication ceremony took place to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the “Bringing to Life” of the totem poles.


QuadReal Property Group is a global real estate investment, operating and development company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. Its assets under management are $73.8 billion. From its foundation in Canada as a full-service real estate operating company, QuadReal has expanded its capabilities to invest in equity and debt in both the public and private markets. QuadReal invests directly, via programmatic partnerships and through operating platforms in which it holds an ownership interest.

QuadReal seeks to deliver strong investment returns while creating sustainable environments that bring value to the people and communities it serves. Now and for generations to come.

QuadReal: Excellence lives here.



A lively retail mix isn’t the only way in which Capilano Mall innovates; we always dare to grow further by creating a healthy, sustainable place to connect for the community.  Sustainability initiatives include:

  • LED lighting initiatives and other energy management practices that increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.  Let there be (energy-efficient) light!
  • Convenient recycling and waste containers placed throughout the property; no need to worry where to properly recycle your morning macchiato from Waves.
  • Enhanced recycling program for retailers to properly dispose of materials such as batteries, electronics, wood, coffee grinds, and more.
  • Recycling stations placed in the Food Court to sort food scraps and recyclables out of the garbage.  These materials from your good eats will be used again and not sent to the landfill — we do our part and sort it out.
  • Capilano’s outdoor irrigation is controlled by a smart watering system, reducing overall water consumption . . . we don’t want to waste any of that, of course.
  • Make it rain!  Rainwater is harvested from rain barrels on the roof of the shopping centre for reuse on-site, such as watering plants.
  • Get a load of this: Capilano recently implemented a rain garden in the west parkade in partnership with Simon Fraser University.  This garden will help improve conditions in MacKay Creek — a creek that supports salmon, trout, ducks, birds, frogs, otters, and more wildlife — by allowing rainwater runoff from the parking lot to soak into the ground and be absorbed, thereby removing pollutants that would otherwise drain into the creek.

Eco-consciousness runs in the family.  To learn more about sustainability at all of QuadReal’s properties, including their sustainability performance please visit www.quadreal.com/sustainability/our-progress



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