Q: Who is QuadReal?

A: Headquartered in Vancouver, QuadReal Property Group is a Canadian real estate investment, development and management company operating on a global scale. The company’s $24.5 billion portfolio spans 23 Global Cities across 17 countries. Owned by BCI, one of Canada’s largest institutional investors, QuadReal was established to manage its real estate investment portfolio. Capilano Mall has been an important part of BCI’s portfolio since 1999.

Q: Why is QuadReal considering redeveloping the mall?

A: We are considering the future of the site and determining how it can better suit the needs of residents of the City of North Vancouver and the North Shore. QuadReal is committed to proactively engaging with City residents to help inform and shape our views on the future of the site.

Q: When would the redevelopment occur?

A: We expect that a public process will take a number of years and we will engage with our tenants, customers and other stakeholders to ensure a relevant model for our future, and ensure that any changes are well-considered and reflect the unique character and needs of the City and the North Shore. Although there is no definitive timeline, this process will carry on throughout 2019 and 2020.

Q: Will the shopping centre remain open during construction?

A: Capilano Mall will continue to serve the public throughout any redevelopment, including our largest tenant Walmart. We encourage you to come by and visit.

Q: How can I stay up to date on potential changes at Capilano Mall?

A: We will post updates on this website, and you can sign up for email updates here.