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Though Spring in Vancouver involves the usual temperature swings, it’s a beautiful season. We might have to pair a warm coat with a pair of shorts sometimes, but at least we can finally enjoy the longer days and the mesmerizing views. Let’s celebrate Spring with an at-home cocktail! Being confined at home doesn’t mean we can’t have a virtual happy hour with our friends and family.

Virtually raising a glass is the new norm. Many of us aren’t used to staying indoors for long periods of time, but you can always make the best out of it. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that this has been the perfect time to find yummy cocktail recipes to make at home and enjoy. Since we can’t go to bars or restaurants, I’ve definitely been visiting BC Liquor Store more often that I used to; it’s a mandatory stop when buying groceries now.

There’s a new cocktail emerging online called the “quarantini,” which is just a regular martini, except you drink it by yourself and it can include anything you want since there’s no exact recipe. In fact, there are thousands of recipes, as people have gotten super creative with creating recipes based on their personal preferences. Of course, it’s best served chilled in front of your computer or phone camera and enjoyed with your loved ones and a twist of joy to enjoy!

If you’re like me, you probably already have some liquor bottles at home. But if not, don’t forget to stop at BC Liquor Store on your next grocery stop. And whether you’re looking for the right wine to pair with your favourite meal, or just need some help selecting something from their vast selection so that you can find the ingredients for your cocktail, they’ve got you covered. And if your recipe calls for berries, oranges, lemons, or any produce, make sure to note that too and head over to Kin’s Farm Market.

Go ahead, plan a virtual party with your friends and family this weekend, put on some music, and have fun. Cheers!

~ Pankaj



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