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Have you been seeing green lately? There’s probably two reasons for that: St. Patrick’s Day (March 17!) and the first day of Spring (March 20!) are around the corner. Fun fact: St. Patrick’s Day started as a religious celebration, but then Irish emigrants transformed it into a holiday where people gather to celebrate all things Irish. And bam! Fast forward to today, and St Patrick’s Day has turned into one of the most well-known global celebrations. Another fun fact: the traditional colour associated with St. Patrick’s Day used to be blue, but then green became the color most associated with this day, to the point where people celebrate it by simply wearing something green! Anyways, what this means is that it’s time to go green — I have the perfect must-have ideas to help you do just that!


There are soooo many super cute accessories available at Claire’s. You can find green-coloured earrings, hats, headbands, necklaces, and beyond! And in case you’re the host of the party this time around, don’t fret. Dollar Tree can hook you up with the cutest décor for your St. Patrick's Day extravaganza (party cups included)! Whether you're having a party of your own or simply having a party for one, everyone can get in on the green fun.

St. Patrick’s Day is the day to go all-out with green, so don't settle for only accessories . . . shop outfits, too, to get into the spirit and have a blast! Urban Planet is the best place to go for this, as they have all sorts of celebratory shirts with fun phrases, socks, and other items that will make you look great (and on-theme!) throughout the entire day.


Don't forget to visit BC Liquor Store for the main attraction: beer! If you’re not a fan of beer, pick your fave drink alternative and you can still join in on the fun. A fun trick for your party is adding a few drops of green food colouring to your drink. Voila!

Now turn on the green light to go out and have some fun. I-rish you the best of luck!

~ Tarandeep



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