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Brrrrr! It’s cold out there. I’m actively trying to stay warm while also being grateful that I live on the West coast and not the East coast. Jackets are the key to Winter warmth, and I’ve learned that wearing one that’s practical and stylish (whatever your style may be) makes battling the cold that much easier. I must admit it took me a while to find a jacket that works for me from the fashion side of things to the actually-keep-me-warm side of things.

If this issue sounds familiar, going to a store with a vast selection to choose from is a good place to start! Fairweather is my knight in shining armour; I visited the store and automatically wanted to try on everything! Check out all my favourite styles below.

Parka Jackets

If you're looking for a warm, long, puffy jacket that will cover you up appropriately, this is your jacket! I love parkas for their comfy design features, which can still look fab, of course, and (most importantly) keep you warm and toasty. Great for extra warmth, as these are meant for c-o-l-d temperatures.

Anorak Jackets

This style tends to be a lighter one . . . some lining inside but not too warm. They usually come with a hood lined with faux fur. Great for layering and transitional seasons.

Bomber Jackets

These are short jackets but have a thick lining on the inside which makes them great for a biker or rockstar look. While they can be on the shorter side, they can still keep you nice and warm!

Wool Coats

Say hello to the fashionista-approved outwear category. Wool coats are super cute and put-together looking, but some of them may be too thin to keep you warm. You can always wear something underneath and make a fashion statement, naturally! Gloves and scarves perfectly complement wool coats. I mean, who doesn't need another reason to accessorize?

I had a difficult time choosing just one style, but I realized my new go-to is the puffy parka jacket. So, now that you have some ideas of what you will find, I recommend trying them all to find your perfect coat. Bonus: you can take your man with you because Fairweather has plenty of outwear options for men, too!

~ Ady



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