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Between those refreshing beach days and weekend camping trips, the Summer heat has my hair bent and out of shape . . . and in extreme need of a little TLC! As someone who posts pictures online regularly, how I look in photos is important to me. If I’m taking a cute candid shot with my boyfriend, for example, I don’t want my frizzy, colour-damaged hair to be the reason why I don’t like the picture — I’d rather blame him for making a silly face or somehow sneaking food onto my face again (we’re cute, I know). My mission is clear: achieve the perfect beach waves.

The haircare products and services at Sassy Hair Design offer exactly what I need to give my hair its strength and nourishment back, so I can scratch 20 minutes from my morning routine. Their Keratin Straightening Treatment does wonders to my hair, as it calms the hair follicles with keratin (fun fact: keratin is a protein that is found naturally in your hair) and then they seal it with a flat iron. The treatment itself is meant to minimize that “everyday outdoor” frizz so you can get up one day and say your hair “woke up like this.” All in all, this treatment gave me beach waves I needed mission accomplished (as a chick with frizzy hair, this is the dream, my friend).

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If that heat treatment isn’t what you’re looking for, Sassy Hair Design also sells a large variety of notable hair products to use in and out of the shower. Brands such as BIOTOP which specialize in healing and nourishment (just what I need for my colour-damaged hair). Moroccanoil is another well-known brand with shampoo and conditioner sets that give your hair the love it deserves while you shower (even when you’re camping).

Ready to achieve your best, beach-ready hair? I know I am 😉

~ Sam



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