June is here! We've reached that wonderful time of year when it’s not cold enough to make us want to curl up under a warm, fuzzy blanket yet not hot enough to cannonball into a pool. As fellow North Vancouverites, we know exactly what that means . . . it's time to go for a hike in our own backyard with Mother Nature! Whether you've never been hiking before (say what?!) or you're a seasoned vet, I found some absolute must-haves at Capilano Mall that you should bring with you in the wilderness. Especially for beginners who want to go hiking but don't know where to start, I've got you covered with the this & that you need to prepare yourself for your big adventure!

Comfortable Shoes

First things first, footwear is everything! Visit Shoe Warehouse to find the right shoes for your jaunt in the woods. Trust me, you’d be amazed at how simply wearing proper comfortable/durable shoes can turn your hike from a nightmare into a marvelous (and painless!) memory.

Sun & Bug Care

Who doesn’t love the sun? Oh wait . . . our skin (duh!), so make sure you carry the right protection from those rays. Sunscreen will make a huge difference — along with a cap and some sunnies — to avoid getting burned by the sun, which is a big no-no. By the way, you’re never completely alone on the trail: bugs and critters are everywhere, but where we don’t want them is crawling all over you (I think I just scared myself). All you need is some handy dandy bug spray and . . . ta-dah! Bye bye bugs. You can find all these basics at Walmart.

Bags & Goodies

Wait a second . . . how are you going to carry all of this?! Bentley has everything in the bag (get it?) with a massive selection of backpacks and fanny packs (which are cool, retro, and practical, you know) that come in different types and styles to fit your needs. Now that you’ve got the space in your bag, you can check out the Food & Drink stores at Capilano Mall and throw in some snacks because you’ll deserve them after all that walking (psst . . . don’t forget to pack and drink tons of water).

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Now that I've given you my list of go-tos (you're welcome!), what are you waiting for? Time to stock up and go on that hike. Have fun!

~ Ady



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