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In case you haven’t heard . . . wedding bells will be ringing on Saturday morning (well, technically in the middle of the night for us West Coasters) because Prince Harry and soon-to-be Princess Meghan Markle are tying the royal knot! And if we’ve learned anything from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s love story (still not over it, by the way) it’s that royal wedding mania isn’t going to stop any time soon.

Fun fact: did you know that Meghan  besides being a fabulous actor on Suits and beyond  was a brand ambassador for Reitmans from Fall 2015 to Spring 2017? Well, now you know! And here’s another little nugget: she met Prince Harry around Spring/Summer 2016, which happens to be the time during her collab with Reitmans. Imagine that . . . in my mind she went to work as usual and somehow ended up meeting and getting married to a real-life prince! Seriously, what are the chances?! But then again, you know what they say: sometimes you need to “build castles in the sky.” Case in point: The Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) is proof that the castles you build have a chance of coming to life. Okay, I admit that the chances are extremely slim in this case, but it IS possible. (As you can see I’m a glass half full kind of girl LOL).

Shopping at Reitmans is a small (yet chic!) way for me to feel like I’m a part of their love story. Is there a better way to show Meghan my support on her big day than to wear clothes and accessories from a fashion brand that she embodies? Meghan knew her stuff because Reitman’s fashion game is on point. Summer is around the corner, and my eyes are locked on the Summer dress & jumpsuit collection. Who knows . . . maybe I’ll catch a prince of my own at Reitmans, too (kidding but not kidding). See you at the wedding!

~ Ady



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