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It still seems so surreal that it’s already weeks into 2018 . . . have you started to work on achieving your New Year’s resolution of becoming healthier?  Truth be told, that was on the top of my resolutions list in 2017 but I found it difficult to make progress.  It almost feels like déjà vu year after year as I never fully achieve my fitness goals.  Not this time, my friend!  I’m feeling ultra-motivated to make my fitness dream come true.  Perhaps my scheduled tropical getaway in several weeks is the extra push that I needed.  Read:  I need my Summer body ASAP in which case, here’s my game plan:

First things first . . . push (myself) to start.  I recently purchased a membership at Fit4Less by Goodlife and already I have a feeling it’s going to be the start of something great.  Not only is the gym fully-equipped with everything that I can possibly need, it’s also open 24/7 which means gym time fits into my busy schedule with ease.  Step one . . . check!

Step two:  get moving.  I’ve always found it difficult to choose which machines to use and which exercises to do.  Luckily, I found this little cheat sheet for a short 30-minute express circuit workout created by Fit4Less that sounds like the perfect routine for beginners like me:

  • Eight minutes of cross trainer:  increase level gradually on the machine and maintain desired level.
  • Eight minutes biking:  similar to the cross trainer . . . pick up speed and stay at a level that’s comfortable.
  • Eight minutes on strength machines:  perform an average of 10 reps with the movement of roughly three seconds up and three seconds down.  Break for 15 seconds every minute.
  • Six minutes of abs and stretching:  complete a variety of stretches including sit ups, side bends and oblique twists, to name a few.  Psssst!  Add weight over time to build muscles.

Last, but definitely not least . . . I will aim to always stay hydrated and perhaps treat myself to something super good and delish after each gym sesh!  Hmmm . . . the Optimum Nutrition protein cake bites from GNC (which is a short walk away at Capilano Mall) sounds like a healthy ending to me.

~ Michael



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