Non-Profit Mall Space

Capilano Mall supports the community by providing free table space for various charities and non-profit groups who are looking to raise funds or increase public awareness. To qualify for complimentary space, non-profit groups, organizations or clubs must provide a government-sanctioned charitable number and the space must be used solely for fundraising and information awareness activities.

Some examples of eligible groups include sports teams, school groups and charities. Space is limited to 1 (one) week per group and is on a first-come, first-served basis. All requests for space must be submitted, at least two to three months in advance for approval. Upon approval, a Temporary Occupancy Agreement with a liability insurance certificate is required. Please note that our insurance requirements have changed. Please do not process your insurance until your application has been approved and you have received an agreement from us.

To apply and for more information please visit our Community Donation & Space Request page.