Living Green


Capilano Mall is always actively working to improve our operations from both an environmental and social perspective. We are doing what we can to decrease our environmental footprint and have achieved success in a numbers of areas over the years.

Although we recognize that we have made progress in many areas, we embrace the fact that there is always more that can be done and improvements that can be made. As we embark upon new projects, we will continue to be guided by the core value of the Bentall Kennedy ForeverGreen commitment: the protection of the environment and support for the communities where we live and work.

Here are some of our property initiatives:

  • BOMA BESt Level 3 – BOMA BESt is a leasing environmental certification program for existing commercial buildings in Canada. In September 2010, Capilano Mall achieved the BOMA BESt Level 3 Certification. This certification is based on a number of criteria, including: Energy and Water Management and Conservation, Waste Reduction and Recycling, Indoor Environment, and Environmental Issues.
  • Organics Recycling – In 2010, Capilano Mall launched an organics recycling program. The program commenced with tenants in the office tower and has now expanded to include almost all of the mall’s tenants. All tenants are encouraged to participate and are provided with an area where they can separate their organic waste from their regular waste. Since September 2010, over 33,257 kg of waste has been diverted from the landfill through this program. Our customers are also provided with the proper bins so that they can recycle paper, cardboard and have an appropriate place to dispose of their waste.
  • Water Consumption – Capilano Mall has lessened its water consumption through our Rain Water Harvesting Program. In 2010, a 2,081 litre tank was strategically placed to collect rain water. The harvested water is then distributed to our landscaped areas, which saves an estimated 9,500 litres of water annually.
  • Working Together – For Earth Hour, we shut down many of the centre’s external lights to participate in the initiative. We know that even small acts can help make a big difference.



  • 2 eco-friendly vehicle spaces with electric charging stations (located on the second level of the parkade)
  • 2 eco-friendly scooter spaces with electric charging stations (located on the second level of the parkade)